Marine-Grade Chair & Seat Covers

Replacement seats and vinyl re-upholstery are expensive, unnecessary repairs. Keep those captain's chairs and seats looking like the first day you put your boat in the water — cover them! Heat and UV rays from the sun can turn your soft, comfortable vinyl seating cracked and brittle. Seats that aren't marine white absorb even more of the sun's harsh rays and suffer fading and weather damage faster. Don't let that happen!

No spray-on "protectant" beats our covers' 100% UV resistance. Whether your boat is dry-docked or wet-docked, CoverAlls SeatSkinz boat seat covers keep your chairs and seats dry, cool and protected from the sun, saltwater, and dirt. Month after month and year after year.

CoverAlls boat covers are manufactured from an exclusive material to meet the tough expectations of a boat owner—whether in salt water or fresh water, and whether docked on land or water.

  • 100% waterproof — not just moisture-resistant — so it keeps your boat motors, chairs, consoles and electronics clean and dry, without mold, mildew or rot.
  • 100% UV-proof — prevents damage to your boat and the cover itself. No matter how harsh the sun's rays, your CoverAllz cover won't fall down on the job.
  • 90% heat-reflective — keep everything it covers nice and cool.
  • No-slip cam locks and braided poly cords — keep your covers anchored, even on those windy days.
  • Stainless-steel grommets — no rust or corrosion.
  • Tough and durable — nearly impossible to tear, even if punctured.
  • Lightweight — fast, easy on-and-off, and compact storage.
  • Full one-year warranty — satisfaction guaranteed.

How to Choose the Right CoverAlls Size for Your Boat

Taking measurements is the only way to know which cover will fit your boat. Boat manufacturers use a variety of consoles, seats and other components, even on the same model or year of manufacture. After-market customization introduces even more variation. This guide will help you get your boat's measurements quickly and easily for a perfect fit from your CoverAlls cover!

CoverAlls does not make custom-fitted covers.

Pro Tip: Print this guide and take it to your boat as a reference while measuring. It will also be a handy place to write your measurements!


Measure the side-to-side width of the seat.


Measure the front-to-back depth from the front of the seat to the back of the backrest (if any).


Measure the height from the bottom of the seat to the top of the backrest (if any).

Flip-Top Seats


Pedestal Butt Seats

Chair & Seat Covers


While CoverAlls wasn’t in the direct path of 2017’s devastating hurricanes Harvey and Irma, our business and production have been greatly affected. We’re selling our existing stock of boat covers at 20% off while supplies last. All sales final.

Our hearts go out to all those affected by these terrible storms.

David Rutledge, Owner

Flip-Top Seat Cover

Flip-Top Seat Cover

Only 5 left!


Fits "swingback seats," bench type seats with backrests that can swivel front-to-back, like those on Carolina Skiff boats.

WIDTH: 40"
DEPTH: 21"


Captain's Chair Cover


Fits single-bucket seats.

WIDTH: 36"
DEPTH: 33"

Majek Illusion Dual Bucket Seat Cover

Majek Illusion Dual Bucket Seat Cover


Fits the unique dual bucket seats on the Majek Illusion.

WIDTH: 57"
DEPTH: 35"

Folding Chair Cover

Folding Chair Cover

Only 6 left!


Large enough to cover all folding chairs, whether folded up or down.

WIDTH: 20"
DEPTH: 21"

Pedestal Butt Seat

Pedestal Butt Seat

Only 8 left!


Fits all "butt rest" pedestal type fishing leaning seats. Draw cord closure with cam lock to keep it snug.

WIDTH: 15"
DEPTH: 15"

Stuff Bag

Stuff Bag


A great way to store your covers when not in use. Keeps them from blowing away in the wind and stores in small space. Breathable fabric.

WIDTH: 24"

"I keep my boat on a trailer outside. My CoverAlls cover is much better than the queen-size rubber deflated bed mattress that I used to use! A great product!"
Capt. Bret Gamrot
"Your chair covers fit perfectly! The draw string at the bottom keeps them in place when it's windy."
"A great company to buy from. I wish all companies were run as you do yours!!!"
Austin W.
"I love your product; the motor cover and flip console seat fit very good. They will work great to keep water and dirt off. Pollen is bad in this area along with mold, so this will protect my seats well."
"I received my order yesterday. Fits great. Thanks for your personal attention, ensuring that everything was as advertised. Great job."
Robert E.